Anyone who has ever visited Hanoi will probably tell you that it may be the most beautiful city in all of Asia. People have settled here along the Red River for a thousand years.

Nestled along wooded boulevards among the city’s two dozen lakes you will find architectural souvenirs left by all who conquered this great valley, from the Chinese who first came in the last millenium to the French, booted out in our own century.

Attraction:                              Distance:

Old Quarter                                                                you are in it!

Walking tour of 36 streets                                       3.0 km

Hanoi Airport ( Noi Bai)                                         30 km

Hoan Kiem (Restored Sword)Lake                       700m

St Joseph’s Cathedral                                               100m

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & Museum                  2.3 km

Temple of Literature                                                 1.5 km

Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre                       600 m

Dong Xuan Market                                                  1.0 km

Night Market  (Fri – Sun nights)                           400m

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology                            7.2 km                                                                                  

Long Bien Bridge                                                    1.5 km

National Museum of Vietnamese History          1.6 km                                                  

Vietnamese Women’s Museum                            700m

Vietnam Military History Museum                     1.2 km

Opera House                                                            1.5 km

West Lake                                                                3.0 km

French Quarter                                                        1.4 km

Tran Quoc Pagoda                                                 3.1 km

West Lake Water Park                                          6.0 km